Thursday, April 18, 2013

About that Red Truck...

One of the rumors circling Maura's disappearance is about a "red truck" seen in the area around the time she vanished. Personally, I didn't put much stock in this one. I thought it might have been something made up by a psychic on Topix.


The red truck was real. And the driver has been identified. And I have that info.

However, I wouldn't get too excited. Looks like another dead end. Once I give him the opportunity to talk, I'll post the story.


  1. Great job...once again....the red truck has been a big part of discussion and I congratulate you for having found that lead!!!

  2. A dead in so far as the truck itself goes. But one less complicating factor in the story. Value in that.

    ~ John Green

  3. I just watched the show about Maura's story. A few things i thought out of the ordinary. Maura was previously always using per-paid calling cards, until her bf and his family provided her with a cell phone. They even provided AAA coverage for her safety. I'm a parent and don't think I would allow another family to provide these " safety" services needed for a young girl in college. I provide all for my college bound daughter. Maybe the dad couldn't afford it, which doesn't seem to b the case. Maybe he was very strict? When she smashed his car, something more happened that upset her. The dad seemed like he was totally understanding about the accident, but was he? He seems to have a lot of guilt about that subject, maybe he came down too hard on her.
    Another thing was the bus driver that was the last to see her after she crashed. Was he checked out? Did the police do forensics on the bus, his home?
    Just some thoughts, not passing judgement....but u never know

    1. Susan,

      I thought it was strange also that the Raush's provided those things for Maura. It almost seems like the Rausch's being concerned that she was not getting what she needed from her own family. Other bits of evidence corroborate that possible impression, around Maura possibly having been the codependent inheritor of responsibilities for running the family.

      For me, the really interesting aspect of this is how Fred goes no tv and talks about Maura using words like "more like friends" than "parent-child." But - along the lines of your thinking - how does that square with him letting another family provide these safety services for a young girl. Moreover, he talked about brining the $4,000 to buy her a new car, as if buying her a new car was not big deal. But if that is the case, why not get her a cell phone?

      ~ John Green

    2. I think you make a great point about the fact that Billy's family took care of these things for Maura. If Maura needed an adult to help her cover cell phone costs, you'd think a parent would step in--not the boyfriend's parents, unless they realized there was something wrong with the real parents, or ongoing financial issues of some kind. Ditto for AAA. That's a [biological] parent's job.

      Speaking of AAA, I think there is something weird about cars in Maura's circle. It seems like everyone knew Maura's cars/driving were unreliable, between Billy's family getting her an AAA membership, her dad specifically giving her a car kit (whose contents he apparently knew by heart), etc. And then there's all the talk about her dad supposedly getting her a new car, which most of us seem to think was never really his intention, but which he has always stressed in his public comments.

      I know I'm just rambling here...but I have a sense that there is something up about cars, Maura's cars, Maura and cars...not to mention Fred and cars.

    3. SAH--I can't remember off hand if Fred Murray and Maura's mother were together or divorced at this point (forgive me my lapse in that part of this history), but if it was true Maura's mother was dealing with cancer, perhaps the Rausches were helping Maura in this small way. Even with decent insurance, cancer treatment is enormously expensive. In that light, I don't find it that odd that they might want to do their son's girlfriend a kindness.

      As for having $4K cash on hand for the car... that is a bit odd, and I'm not sure how if fits in to my above thought. Maybe he was saving it up for her. :-/

    4. I am convinced of something.

      Fred wanted Maura to get rid of the car. Specifically the Saturn.

      This may have been the purpose of the road trip. Fred may even have been traveling in tandem with Maura. Then, I think she ran away from Fred...or didn't.

      I think it is possible someone is harboring her. This possibility has not been mentioned as far as I know. Maybe she fled and knocked on doors and found someone to take her in.

      Or else the outcome was worse.

      All of this is speculation, but I really want to insist on the first part, which is that I think Fred wanted--and still does want--to get rid of Maura's car. For some reason.

      --Does anyone know if the Saturn was properly insured at the time Maura disappeared?

      --What was Fred supposedly planning to do with the Saturn once Maura got her new car?

    5. Per Snapdragon's post--I think I remember reading somewhere that Fred and Laurie Murray were never divorced. Separated for many years, but not divorced. No idea what the implications of this were for Laurie's financial situation.

    6. Re: My comment above, about Fred wanting to get rid of the Saturn...

      I take it back.

      After reading the Landry, Strelzin, and Smith affidavit, I no longer believe this is necessarily true.

      I found out in that affadavit that after investigating the Saturn, the police gave the Saturn back to Fred, and Fred relinquished it to the storage facility (who gave it back to the police). So Fred didn't seem to care so much about "crushing" the car after all.